5 Tips for Using Pinterest to Market Your Business

Today’s world is full of social media platforms, each one has their own specific advantages and their own set of unique and interesting features. Companies like Caymana Consulting use social media for important marketing aspects like brand identification, and communication with consumers – some platforms are seemingly better than others for such tasks. While the three most popular, in terms of both personal communication, as well as marketing your business, has got to be Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While these are the most popular by far, and likely the most important platforms any business should be focused on, there are a number of smaller options that can help grow your business by bringing a more niche, targeted consumer. One of the best smaller social media platform for any business on Pinterest, yes Pinterest. While most may think of Pinterest as simply a place for women to pick out their dream wedding materials, or creating a vision board for your next cool hairstyle, at Caymana Consulting they have mastered the ability to reap a number of marketing rewards from the small-scale platform. Here are a few important tips on how to use Pinterest to revitalize your business, and grow your consumer base.

  • Learn How to Use It & Who Uses It

This is probably the most important rule, that can translate to pretty much every aspect of your life. Learn how Pinterest works before attempting to market your business on it. The team at Caymana Consulting spent years understanding the platforms, and years of trial and error to truly get a grasp on the best means to growing a business using Pinterest. Learn what the terms associated with the platform mean, things like Pinning are very important. Also, Pinterest has very specific demographics. Recent stats show that about 30% of adults who are proficient in social media use Pinterest, and it is dominated by women 18-30 years old.

  • Strategic Planning

Before pinning an image or even starting your brand a board, decide what your goals are for Pinterest, and how it will benefit you. Are you using it to just populate more links or to spread awareness? Create your profile to market towards the demographic you are trying to capture – and use multiple boards to attract and market to different consumers.

  • Categorize and Curate

One of the most important aspects of Pinterest is to correctly label and categorize boards, and the images you post. At Caymana Consulting this level of curation allows your prospective consumer to easily find, and learn about the products, and services that interest them – making your content more easily shared, found, and directed to specific sets of people.

  • When to Pin is Important

At Caymana Consulting one of the most important aspects of social media marketing is understanding exactly WHEN to post. Often when is more important than what, and Pinterest is no different – during the day there are times when there are high activity rates and times when activity is much lower. Target the highest activity times to share and pin images pertaining to your products, services, and business overall – the highest activity times are between 5-7 a.m. and 6-10 p.m. EST, so think about posting 30 minutes before or during these periods.

  • Benefits for SEO

At Caymana Consulting their key strength in social media marketing lies in the ability to use it as a supplement to their unmatched SEO skills. Pinterest, like other social platforms, can be used to benefit an SEO campaign quite well. Use Pinterest to add backlinks, increase referral traffic, and build connections. Use these connections to get links from other users, and watch your optimization go through the roof.

For more information on using Pinterest or digital marketing campaigns overall that will grow your business, contact Caymana Consulting.