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5 Key Points for Proper eCommerce Development

In today’s digital world the internet is the key to most everything we do on a daily basis, from our entertainment, and education, to meeting most of our shopping needs. That’s where e-commerce and e-commerce development comes into play. Web development of any kind is a complicated art, considering that no matter what type of site you might be developing, aspects like user experience, efficiency and performance are vital to the success of the site. But with e-commerce development, there are a completely new and unique set of challenges one must deal with. And because an e-commerce site will draw traffic based on individuals desire to learn about and purchase products, developers must do everything they can to make the site as easy, user-friendly, and most importantly secure – as over time thousands of users’ payment information will have passed through the site. While web development has become fairly streamlined with the use of simpler models like Squarespace and Wix, in order to maximize the power and truly optimize every detail of your site, you need to have a true web development team, like Caymana Consulting, on your side. At Caymana Consulting the team of expert IT professionals have created countless sites in a number of different molds and purposes. Their extensive catalog includes everything from restaurants, law firms, and medical offices, to online services, educational sites, and more. And when it comes to e-commerce development Caymana Consulting can truly spread their wings and combine their expert web development, with their cutting-edge digital marketing solutions in order to create an e-commerce platform that not only works well and is user-friendly but draws in the traffic needed to sustain positive revenue and make you more money! So from the experts in e-commerce development themselves, Caymana Consulting, here are 5 key things to make sure your e-commerce site has to offer.

  • Strong, Intuitive Design That is Mobile Friendly
  • This is one of the most important points to consider when taking on an e-commerce development project. The site’s design is of paramount importance. Research shows that over 30% of all e-commerce sales are made on some type of mobile device. And if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, that’s a huge segment you are totally missing out on. Therefore, it is important your site functions fast and efficient on ALL devices, desktop or mobile – and it should look good at any screen size or resolution. At Caymana Consulting they also make sure that the e-commerce site has everything the user could want, and functions extremely well. It should be fast, responsive, and easy-to-use. This mainly means putting things in places people expect to find them. Definitely make your site fresh and unique but users and web-robots alike have certain expectations for an e-commerce site, and it’s in your benefit to follow them.

  • Implement Site Search
  • When it comes to e-commerce development Caymana Consulting believes the key is in simplicity for the user. The faster and easier users can find, learn about, and purchase products they want, the more revenue you will generate over time. numbers show us that nearly half of all e-commerce users will use a website’s search function to find their products if its available to them. This is important, as we stated previously, it makes things easier on the user and allows them the ability to skip browsing through sections and departments. Also, implement things like autocomplete for popular products and search terms.

  • Guest Checkouts
  • When performing e-commerce development for a new site, it is definitely important to get users to sign up and create accounts – but making money is much more important! Research shows more than half of all e-commerce platform users would rather checkout as a Guest than go through the process of signing up for a membership. So much so, that most will simply discard their purchase completely if they are forced to sign up. This could add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Giving people the option of checking out as a guest, then allowing them the opportunity to turn that into a full-time membership if they’d like after the purchase is completed, is usually the best way to go.

  • Optimization is VITAL
  • This is where having an e-commerce development team like Caymana Consulting managing your site truly comes in handy. At Caymana Consulting they are experts at SEO (search engine optimization) and will ensure that each and every aspect of your site is pleasing to the search engine and most importantly Google. This is done in a number of different ways including compressing images and files, caching data, and combining resource files. These methods, as well as a number of different in-house secrets of Caymana Consulting, will have your e-commerce site working faster and more efficiently than ever before while drawing more eyeballs and serious customers!

  • Security
  • All e-commerce platforms are handling hundreds, thousands or even millions of customer’s private information, from names, addresses, and credit card numbers. This information MUST be kept secure, as it can risk the client’s safety as well as the future of your business in itself. All e-commerce sites should support SSL security certificates in order to encrypt information and be secure. All customers have an expectation that their information is being kept secure, and a good business ensures that it is.

For more information on e-commerce development and web development as a whole, contact the team at Caymana Consulting today.

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