Tips to Properly Audit Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

More than almost any field around, marketing and more specifically social media marketing is constantly growing, changing, and evolving – almost every minute of the day. To try and keep track of every new update to Instagram or every new beta Facebook decides to launch, would require plenty of extra hours in the day. At Caymana Consulting through years of trial and error and slowly evolving with aspects of social media, they have been able to properly perform self-audits, and create a strong methodology of keeping up and keeping current with all aspects of social media marketing. The team at Caymana Consulting manages social media by relying on analytics and a system of self-audits, this allows us to run constant campaigns and make corrections and improve upon under-performing aspects on the go, rather than having to stop the campaigns altogether. Companies like Caymana Consulting will use social media in conjunction with other forms of digital marketing to create what’s known as a Sales Funnel. This works by creating a system in which clients will be introduced to a brand, as well as that brand’s products and services. Once the consumer if familiarized with this brand and their products and services, social media posts and search engine ranking allow that brand to maintain a strong visibility – constantly being “in the face” of the consumer. These postings will help to influence consumer buying decisions and relate these products in a way that proves that they are superior to those similar products and services offered by competitors to such a brand. However, no social media campaign is complete without hammering out the “kinks”. The team at Caymana Consulting has created a list of ways to properly audit and gauge the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Create a Strong Social Media Marketing Plan

Before we launch any social media marketing campaign, we must devise a plan of action. Without proper planning, no campaign will have the success needed to grow your business. Begin by auditing each and every account across all the platforms that you are currently using, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Take stock of the number of followers and subscribers you have on each platform and create a plan that focuses on the platforms that you have the highest following to get the best ROI possible. Optimize each profile and page, ensuring proper contact information, direct calls to action, thorough information is present, clarity when describing the brand and its function, and make sure your profile contains multiple links that lead the consumer to your website, multiple methods for them to contact your business, links that allow them to purchase your products and services, and links to your physical locations (if you have any).

  • Audit Prior Postings

Use your analytics and reach numbers from previous postings and campaigns to analyze what works and what doesn’t. At Caymana Consulting we use older statistics and analytics to better prepare our social media postings for the future and equip our clients with the necessary analytics tools to identify what works and what doesn’t for their target demographic.

  • Striking Images and Poignant Videos

The best way to grow your business through social media is by engaging your consumer. This is done best by using striking images that are on the subject matter of your products and services.

  • Calls To Action

The best way to get a consumer to purchase a product is by giving them the option to purchase it and making that option as clear, concise and direct as possible. At Caymana Consulting this is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing, otherwise, without those links and clear buying options the consumer may be confused and even a split second of confusion could be the difference between a sale and no sale. This includes links to your website, a shop, product descriptions, and more.