4 Traditional Internet Marketing Solutions That Will Never Go Out of Style

In today’s every-changing business world, one of the trendiest industries to be a part of is digital marketing, offering any number of internet marketing solutions to the world. Companies like Caymana Consulting are able to use their years of experience in brand development, and their keen understanding of consumer wants and expectations to effectively establish and grow your business, no matter the field or industry. From a consumer perspective the internet is 2018 main method of education, as well as communication, and internet marketing solutions act as the very conduit through which brands & businesses are able to communicate their message to their specific consumer base and establish a direct-to-consumer relationship. The internet marketing solutions of today create a one-to-one relationship essentially allowing brands to speak directly to their segment of the world – allowing them to:

· Be Introduced to the Brand or Business
· Learn About Products and Services
· Become Educated on the Benefits &Disadvantages on a Product/Service
· Accrue information from First-Hand Experiences of Others (through reviews and testimonials)
· Ask Questions DIRECTLY to the Business and its Employees (Social Media Interactions, and Contact Forms, etc.)
· Calls to Action allow them to make purchases and become loyal, lifelong consumers.

At Caymana Consulting they are able to use these internet marketing solutions in conjunction with one another to provide clients with end-to-end brand identity, and ensure their consumers not only familiarize themselves with products and services, but become loyal, repeat customers – turning from soft leads, to hard sales within the process. And while internet marketing solutions continue to change and evolution online occurs on a daily basis – the team at Caymana Consulting make sure to always combine new, modern techniques, with certain classic, conventional methods that never seem to lose their effectiveness. Here are 4 traditional techniques that won’t be going out of style any time soon.

· Blogging

At Caymana Consulting vand digital agencies around the country, blogging is still a very important aspect of their digital marketing campaigns as it is one of the best means of connecting with new, and current consumes – as well as fostering leads into customers. As with many other internet marketing solutions Caymana Consulting uses blogging in order to improve optimization, as it is a huge part of ranking within the search engine. In addition, it provides an avenue for businesses to spread awareness of their products and better dictate the narrative of their brand.

· “Linkbait”

The term “linkbait” has been thrown around digital marketing circles for many years. “Linkbait” is essentially content that is specifically formulated to attract links. It’s generally quality content, that is both attractive and educationally valuable that bloggers, influencers, and others with a following will want to link to it. Caymana Consulting uses internet marketing solutions like this to improve ranking on the search engine, and a sites optimization. Because this content attracts a number of high quality inbound links, two things occur:

1. It drives referral traffic to your site – from the linking site.
2. Improves ranking – more traffic to your site, and improves organic search over time.

· Videos Win the ROI Race Every Time

One of the most important means of attracting traffic or attracting ANYTHING to ANYTHING ELSE for that matter is through the use of video. The statistics on how consumers react to video content online is staggering. YouTube has over a billion users, over 40% of the internets users have accounts – that is a staggering number. In terms of internet marketing solutions video content not only gets you the most number of visitors, and drastically ups your traffic – but Google’s robots, when ranking a page, give far more precedence to video content. Meaning regardless of what is in the video, the fact that there one – helps with ranking. Also consumers are far more likely to watch video content, rather than read text – one of the most telling stats is that 64% of users make a purchase after watching any form of branded content.

· Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful channel for communicating the latest news, products, deals, and specials within your business. Also it provides a direct to consumer communication tool that can easily be used to call to action, sell products, and direct more traffic to your site or shop. Use LeadMagnets, and newsletter sign-up to procure email addresses to create a strong list of leads. And learn everything you can, at Caymana Consulting, email marketing is still one of our most powerful internet marketing solutions and it will be for a while.

Marketing in the digital age can be a complex process – with so many tools, and methods to distribute content at your very fingertips it can be difficult to separate the fake from the real. Using the help of a company like Caymana Consulting can ensure you spend your money wisely and don’t fall into common traps and tricks. For more information call Caymana Consulting today, and schedule your consultation to grow your business!